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How to carry out daily maintenance of heavy casters

2020-08-11 10:58:36

Heavy-duty casters are widely used in many economic fields. For example, textile industry, industry, etc., have good use effects. Compared with other caster products, heavy-duty casters have higher load-bearing capacity. The maintenance of the casters is also more particular, because the daily use frequency of heavy casters is high, and the caster products will be worn out if they are used. Regular maintenance can not only improve the applicability of the casters, but also extend the service life of the casters. Today Let's take a look at the maintenance of caster products with industrial caster manufacturers.

First of all, we need to be able to clarify the materials of all kinds of heavy casters. Different caster materials use different maintenance methods. For example, the maintenance of polyurethane casters should be able to avoid direct sunlight or water stains, and also Prevent contact with strong acids, strong alkalis and other substances, and keep it away from heating devices one meter away. In addition, when the polyurethane casters are stored, the warehouse temperature should not exceed 40 degrees, and the relative humidity should be controlled at 50% to 80%. between. Nowadays, there is a wide range of different types of heavy-duty casters on the market, which can meet the requirements of different buyers for heavy-duty casters.


In fact, the maintenance methods for heavy-duty casters or casters with other load-bearing capacity are similar. We can often understand the maintenance method of one of the casters thoroughly. In order to make the caster products better, we need to be able to ensure that the caster products can reduce the possibility of overloading during daily use. Overloading is very severe to the degree of wear of the casters, and at the same time, the overloading of the casters will increase the transportation risk. The transportation of some precision instruments or mechanical equipment, and the insufficient force surface of the casters will further affect the use of mechanical equipment.

Most of the caster products are carried forward with load, and after the load is transported, we must be able to lubricate the heavy casters and other caster equipment, and we must also have targeted considerations for different transportation environments, if the construction conditions are compared If you use casters in poor environments, you can choose those with better hardness.

In order to improve the load-bearing capacity of heavy casters, other parts are often used. Therefore, experienced technicians will also pay attention to the design details of the parts when testing the casters. For example, the nuts of the casters are easy to loosen and need to be checked regularly. Firmly wait.

Daily maintenance of casters can prolong the service life of casters. Heavy caster products are generally lubricated once every three months. Caster products seem simple, but there are more details and precautions that should be paid attention to. I hope everyone Can buy suitable caster products, and regular inspection work can also be put in place, so that heavy casters and other products can be better used.

Generally speaking, if you carry heavy goods and take into account the longer walking distance, the thickness of the steel plate of the heavy casters is also increased. (between 8 and 12 mm) the wheel frame welded after cutting, the movable wheel frame can use flat ball bearings This can make up for the inflexible movement of heavy casters, and at the same time improve the load-bearing capacity and impact resistance of the casters. These are details that need attention.



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