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What are the product advantages of stainless steel casters

2020-08-11 10:43:20

According to different caster materials, it can be divided into polyurethane casters, nylon casters and stainless steel casters. Because the advantages of stainless steel casters are obvious, and compared with other caster products, its appearance design is excellent and the products are widely used. Nowadays, many industries Everyone will consider purchasing stainless steel casters. Today we will learn about the characteristics and advantages of stainless steel casters.

Casters are a general term, including movable casters and fixed casters. Movable casters are also called universal wheels. They have a flexible rotating structure and can move and rotate in all directions. Fixed casters are also called directional wheels, which cannot rotate. , Generally speaking, the two are used in combination.

First of all, it is applicable to a wide range of industries. It has good application effects in the medical industry, hotels, and catering industries. The appearance of stainless steel casters is exquisite and atmospheric, and this type of product also has a certain load-bearing capacity, which can be matched with rolling bearings and brackets. The weight-bearing capacity of the product is further improved, and various components are flexible, and the stainless steel casters are also more convenient in actual operation. The stainless steel caster material can reduce the friction on the ground and realize the need for silent operation. In addition, the wide variety of this type of caster can be quickly supplemented even when it is worn, so it will not affect the daily use of various industries. .

The performance of stainless steel casters is similar to natural rubber casters. It has better wear resistance and can be used in the most extensive environment. Moreover, the stainless steel casters will not have obvious wheel marks when towing, and the casters of this type of material have a certain degree of durability. Corrosive, can play a role in preventing rust.


Moreover, the flexibility of stainless steel casters is very good. Many stainless steels on the market are now professionally treated, such as polishing treatment, which can keep the surface brightness of the caster products. Casters with the same specifications and conditions are used.

The load capacity of stainless steel casters is also outstanding.

Stainless steel is a composite material, and stainless steel casters made of stainless steel as raw materials are naturally composite casters. Stainless steel products are made of ordinary stainless steel and acid-resistant stainless steel. Generally speaking, good steel will contain nickel. It is hoped that the degree of atmospheric corrosion can be further improved, and the addition of molybdenum can be considered, and the specific economic field should be considered.

Stainless steel casters can follow the classics while being innovated. Nowadays, there are also a variety of different caster products on the market, including many models and specifications, which can better meet the needs of the actual industry. Stainless steel casters can be widely used in logistics, transportation, and warehousing services. Supermarket transportation, etc. From the current development trend, stainless steel casters will have better application value in the future.

Can bring more excellent operating experience.

If you are considering purchasing various stainless steel casters in the near future, you still have to have a basic understanding of casters of this type. In order for stainless steel casters to better exert their product effects, brackets and appropriate steel plate thickness are arranged. Generally speaking, the greater the load-bearing capacity, the thicker the steel plate thickness is required. In order to make the best use of stainless steel casters, many friends will also strengthen various accessories and devices when considering purchasing casters. You can learn more about various different treatment methods.



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