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How to improve the use value of industrial casters

2020-08-11 10:47:41

Industrial casters are a general term for a product field. With the gradual progress of industrial caster manufacturers' production technology, all types of industrial casters are now classified in detail, such as polyurethane casters, heavy casters, universal wheels, etc., caster research and development, design, production There is also an important connection with the expansion of industry and other fields. If you want to make the best use of all kinds of caster products, you need to be able to understand the requirements of various equipment. Today we will take a look at how industrial casters can improve its products. Use value.

Most of the caster products are combined equipment, that is, it will be installed together with other equipment to use, mainly to play a role in movement and transportation, casters are divided into swivel casters and directional casters according to whether there is a rotating structure, usually in industry Both are used together. For example, the industrial trolley has two fixed wheels at the front, and two movable universal wheels are designed at the back near the armrest. Industrial casters are currently more common in polyurethane casters, heavy casters, rubber casters, etc. They can be used in factories or machinery and equipment, and the overall product will have relatively high impact resistance and strength.


The specific material of industrial casters needs to be considered in conjunction with the use environment, including road environment, obstacle size, residual materials on the site, temperature and air humidity, etc., for example, rubber casters are not resistant to acids, greases and chemicals, polyurethane Modified wheels, nylon wheels, and high-temperature casters can be used in different special environments.

Industrial casters must also consider the flexibility requirements of rotation. The larger the single wheel of the industrial caster, the more labor-saving it will turn. Moreover, according to different usage requirements, the industrial caster can consider installing rolling bearings, which can improve the load capacity of the single wheel. The rotation is more flexible, and it can also reduce noise. Which type of rolling bearing is used and how to use it with the bearing can be communicated with the manufacturer in advance, and the caster manufacturer can better understand which industrial caster the customer needs.

There are several different models of industrial casters. According to different product models, different rolling bearings need to be matched. One is impregnated plastic bearings, which can allow the product to be used within a large temperature range, and it has better durability and resistance. Corrosion, even in a harsh industrial environment, can still play the role of the product. There is also a relatively common bearing that is often used with industrial casters, that is, tapered bearings. This type of bearing is one of the important components of needle roller bearings. Compared with ordinary bearings, its special advantage lies in Expanded the scope of application, can provide improved moving characteristics, so that industrial casters can have a better load-bearing effect.

The market demand for industrial casters is increasing, and there are not a few manufacturers that can provide high-quality casters on the market. It is recommended that you consider purchasing industrial casters, especially those who purchase in bulk can learn more about high-quality manufacturers in the industry, including caster products Types, prices of different casters, and after-sales services provided by manufacturers, etc., will affect the purchase cost of purchasers and the quality of product use. I hope that after this introduction, everyone can have a more adequate understanding of all types of industrial casters. To understanding.



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