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Several simple ways to quickly choose industrial casters and universal wheels

2020-08-11 10:41:18

Generally, customers feel at a loss when choosing industrial casters. They feel that there are so many models of industrial casters and do not know which style to choose. In fact, customers can choose from the following methods according to their own environment requirements. Industrial caster manufacturers teach you to choose quickly Several simple methods for industrial casters and universal wheels.

1 First look at the required load. Casters are generally divided into light casters and universal wheels with a load of 3-100 kg; heavy universal casters, with a load of 100-500 kg: super heavy casters and universal wheels, with a load of more than 500 to several tons, customers You can choose the size of industrial casters according to your own load requirements.


2 Furthermore, the choice is based on the size of the casters. Industrial casters generally have light casters with a diameter of 1-5 inches, which is 25mm-125mm in diameter. Industrial heavy casters have a diameter of 4-10 inches: 100mm-250mm, and super heavy casters generally range from 6. Caster universal wheels of 150mm-400mm and over 400mm of inch-16 inch and above.

3 Then it can be selected according to the material required by the industrial casters. Customers can choose nylon swivel casters, polyurethane casters, industrial rubber casters, industrial cast iron casters, synthetic rubber silent casters, and high temperature resistant environments according to their own use environment and requirements. The high temperature resistant resin phenolic wheels, etc.

4 Finally, it is selected according to the special purpose of the caster bracket. The specifications of the caster bracket generally include steering wheels, universal wheels, directional wheels, brake casters, screw casters, scaffolding casters and scaffolding casters, and shock-absorbing casters.

Based on the above customers, you can have a general selection direction. For specific purchases, you must consult the manufacturer, and you have selected the products that are satisfactory and suitable for you.



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