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What are the screening skills of medical casters

2020-08-11 10:44:04

Medical caster is one of the important branches of caster products. It is a special caster equipment. In order to meet the requirements of hospitals for light operation, flexible steering, special ultra-quiet, and wear resistance, special casters are mainly divided into light casters , Metal bracket casters, etc., the screening of medical casters still needs to be able to pay attention to more skills.

For different medical caster factories, they need to be able to consider the actual considerations when they consider purchasing medical casters. At present, the best-selling medical casters on the market mainly include light casters with chrome-plated brackets, stainless steel casters, etc. The appearance of this type of caster The design is beautiful, and it can also meet the requirements of silent operation, and now many medical casters have been electroplated, which can reduce all kinds of wear and tear, and can also reduce surface dust and other adhesion.

If you are worried that the weight-bearing capacity of the medical caster is not enough, you can consider configuring the bracket, which can not only improve the stable operation of the caster, but also allow the caster to increase its load-bearing capacity. According to different bracket materials, it can be divided into chrome-plated brackets, metal brackets, etc.


Furthermore, the adaptability of medical casters is very important. Most medical casters are used in combination with directional wheels and universal wheels. We need to be able to consider the actual number of directional wheels and universal wheels. The difference between casters and universal wheels is that the latter has a rotating mechanism, but many medical casters are mounted on trolleys, so flexible universal wheels cannot be used completely, and they need to be combined with directional wheels. If it is an emergency equipment, it should be equipped with a larger number of universal wheels to be able to move in all directions. Except for the flexibility of a device, casters must meet the requirements of silent operation. The design standards for medical casters are very strict, because the medical industry itself It is to save the dying and heal the wounded. It takes time to save lives. Moreover, all kinds of medical casters must be able to meet the requirements of the medical industry. When the medical casters are running fast, they cannot rub against the ground and have a loud scratching sound. Stainless steel casters and elastic casters are good choices, which can fully meet the requirements of the medical environment.

Most casters are products that are used frequently, and medical casters are no exception. Most medical casters are used in combination with medical equipment and emergency beds. Good casters will not cause retention problems, etc. A detail that needs attention, and considering the service life of the product, it is better to be able to choose those more wear-resistant medical casters, which can be very helpful for daily medical industry operations.

Corresponding to some special medical environments, products of special materials can be considered. For example, the medical casters in the laboratory of hospitals need to be able to prevent winding and prevent chemical corrosion. It is recommended that you can find some good manufacturers to cooperate, so it can be better This guarantees the quality of product use.

The medical industry is a very sacred industry. It needs to defend life and not allow any errors. Moreover, various product designs need to be considered in line with market needs. In order to improve the effect of product use, many manufacturers are now constantly working hard to introduce new ones. Medical casters also have a lot of detailed optimized design.



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