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Industrial casters manufacturers heavy casters, according to industry needs to purchase

2020-08-11 10:47:02

Industrial caster manufacturers heavy casters, according to industry needs to add heavy casters of industrial casters manufacturers are a caster product with a relatively large load capacity, the current caster industry does not have a fixed limit on the load-bearing capacity of various heavy caster products, generally speaking Casters with a load of 500 kg to 15 tons, and even higher loads, can be called heavy casters.

Due to the high load-bearing capacity of heavy-duty casters, the rational use of heavy-duty casters can perfectly solve the problems of difficult transportation of overweight objects. This type of caster is widely used in the textile industry, industry and other fields. It can also adapt to the carrying operation of a variety of overweight objects. While stable operation can also improve transportation efficiency. It should be noted that there are various types of heavy-duty caster products in the industry, and it is necessary to consider purchasing suitable products according to the actual situation, including the size and specifications of heavy-duty casters.

First of all, consumers need to be able to consider the load-bearing capacity of heavy-duty casters, because the range of heavy-duty casters is very wide, and the specific product load-bearing capacity must be combined with the weight of the transported product and the weight of the equipment. Generally speaking, the load-bearing capacity of the product is greater than a quarter of the heaviest object. Many manufacturers will provide detailed dimensions and specifications. Although the larger the diameter of the caster product, the easier it is to push, but it is not that the larger the caster wheel diameter is, the better. Heavy-duty casters usually adopt a double-layer steel ball track, which can expand the bearing surface, and equipped with vertebral bearings can effectively improve the load capacity of the heavy-duty casters.


Heavy-duty casters are made of all-iron material, polyurethane material, etc., but when considering the material of heavy-duty casters, we need to consider road requirements, height requirements and use environment. Heavy-duty casters can be used with brackets, usually using metal materials as the main body, including ordinary steel stamping For forming, thick steel plate brackets are more commonly used in warehouses and factories, because the goods are frequently moved and the load-bearing requirements for casters are relatively high. Generally speaking, if the heavy goods are transported and the walking distance is relatively long, then At this time, you should choose heavy-duty casters and thick steel plates (between 8 and 12 mm). For example, the heavy-duty casters designed by China Petroleum Systems have a load-bearing capacity of 12 tons, and the 30mm thick steel plate is adopted. The Toban adopts 40mm, which effectively Ensure the safety of the loaded products.

Compared with other products, heavy-duty casters are more exquisite in design, but because of their high load-bearing capacity, flexibility will be limited, which is also an inevitable drawback. The heavy-duty casters on the market now have a wide selection of materials. Generally speaking, the wheels of heavy-duty casters will use hard-tread wheels with better hardness, such as nylon wheels, cast iron wheels, and forged steel wheels. Appropriate caster products can greatly improve transportation efficiency and safety during transportation. In the near future, friends who are considering purchasing various caster products suggest that they can find high-quality manufacturers for cooperation, and when considering various caster materials, practical considerations should be taken into account. Buying casters that do not meet the load-bearing requirements is a waste of money, and secondly, the actual application problem is still not properly resolved, which is a waste of time and money. Nowadays, many manufacturers can also provide various types of caster customization services, which can make product design more in line with actual requirements. However, compared with the finished product, customized caster products are more time-consuming, so urgent items are generally not accepted.



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