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The medical caster factory introduces to you what are the useful medical casters

2020-08-11 10:53:36

Medical casters play a very important role in the medical field. Although casters may seem inconspicuous, there are many combination devices, such as various push devices for placing utensils, sliding beds, etc. The reasonable use of medical casters is important for caring for patients and Life-saving is closely related, so the screening of various medical casters also requires attention to various details, including the characteristics of various casters, and the installation methods of different casters. Today, the medical caster factory will take a look at the useful medical casters.

The first thing to introduce is the lightweight casters with chrome-plated bracket prototype casters. These casters are flexible in movement and equipped with precision rolling bearings, which can realize multi-directional movement. They are often used in combination with some mobile bed equipment, and when modern medical casters are designed The dual-brake configuration will also be considered to improve the safety of the caster combination equipment. The detailed design of the prototype caster with a good chrome-plated bracket is also very good. The main material of this type of caster is neoprene. Generally speaking, the load-bearing capacity of this type of mobile caster No more than a single 80 kg. In addition to exquisite workmanship, this type of caster has good corrosion resistance and can be used for a long time. Therefore, many hospitals will give priority to chrome-plated prototype casters when considering various types of caster equipment.


In addition, according to market purchase trends, metal bracket casters in the modern medical industry are becoming more and more popular. Most of these casters are stainless steel casters, which have outstanding load-bearing capacity, and each caster can carry up to 150 kg. Around, all kinds of stainless steel casters on the market are well designed, and all kinds of stainless steel are also composite materials, which have good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. In addition, the current metal brackets will use galvanized methods to prevent rust. Compared with similar products, this type of caster has flexible steering and is more convenient to operate.

In addition to the two types of medical casters introduced above, medical double-brake casters are also a frequently used specification design. Its carrying capacity is greater than the two types of casters introduced above. According to the products provided on the market, Its load-bearing range can reach 120 kilograms per caster. This type of caster is made of super-grade synthetic rubber, which will not cause damage to the ground during use, and can be more flexible and natural when operating.

The medical industry and hotel industry also have certain requirements on whether caster products can be operated silently. Elastic silent wheels have very good applications in the medical industry. They can meet the requirements of silent operation and can also reduce friction with the ground. Reduce the surface wear of the casters.

One of the principles for the purchase of medical casters is to be able to meet the daily needs of the hospital while ensuring the quality of use. Therefore, it is recommended that you give priority to the products under the brand when considering the purchase of medical casters. The quality can be more reliable. Lai brands can often provide better after-sales service, etc., and can better protect the interests of buyers. The above is an introduction to some of the more commonly used caster products that have been well evaluated by the market, which can be used as a reference for our customers. Of course, we still have many precautions when choosing medical casters, including load-bearing range, caster design, etc., everyone still needs to be able to have more attention.



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