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Industrial caster manufacturers briefly describe the consideration factors for the quality of industrial casters

2020-08-11 10:59:53

Industrial casters mainly refer to a caster product used in machinery equipment or factories. It can choose a single wheel made of super polyurethane, high-grade reinforced nylon (PA6), and rubber. The overall product needs to have high strength and impact resistance. , Usually heavy and super heavy casters.

The metal bracket is constructed with a good galvanized steel sheet or a chrome-plated anti-corrosion steel sheet, and precision ball bearings are installed inside by an integral injection molding method. The quality of industrial caster manufacturers directly restricts the construction effect of the entire industry. Several important considerations are introduced below.


1. Use field conditions: choose a wheel large enough to adapt to the cracks in the scene. Also consider the size of the road surface, obstacles and other factors.

2. Rotation flexibility: the larger the wheel, the more labor-saving, the ball bearing can carry heavier load, the ball bearing rotates more flexibly but the load is lighter.

3. Carrying capacity: It determines the weight of the load, the size of the wheel, and also affects the rotatability of industrial casters. Ball bearings are suitable for heavier load requirements of more than 180 kg.

4. Special environment: each wheel adapts to different working environment, choose a good one to adapt to the special environment.

5. Temperature limit: Severe cold and heat may cause trouble to many wheels. If the casters use special green grease, they can be suitable for high temperatures from -40°C to 165°C.



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