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What are the tips for screening industrial casters

2020-08-11 10:55:14

The product classification of industrial casters is very detailed. For buyers, they should be able to make targeted selections under the premise of understanding the design of various products and the scope of application. Whether industrial casters want to be able to make the best use of it, or need to be able to consider many Elements, let’s take a look at the techniques of industrial caster screening with industrial caster manufacturers today.

1. Load bearing capacity test

No matter what kind of industrial caster products are screened, it is necessary to be able to do a good load-bearing capacity test. This is one of the basic principles. If the load-bearing test is not taken into account, the potential safety hazards of the subsequent use of industrial casters will increase significantly. If it is in use There are various types of caster failures, ranging from replacing the casters to the irreversible loss of the transported goods. The load-bearing capacity test needs to consider a limit difference. Generally speaking, the load-bearing capacity limit difference of industrial casters is the sum of the three casters , But it is advisable to buy four casters. This can also avoid overweight in daily use. Overweight transportation is not safe, and it will also cause serious wear and tear on casters. There are two types of load-bearing tests: dynamic load and static load, so you can think about it more.


2. Consider the specific applicable environment

Different types of caster products are suitable for different applicable environments. When considering purchasing casters, it is recommended that you not only refer to the popular products purchased in the market, but also fully adapt to local conditions and understand the characteristics and use of different products. For example, polyurethane casters are polymer materials. They are more suitable for use in poor road construction environments. Such casters have higher hardness, but they are not suitable for use in chemical environments. Plastic casters, etc. Suitable for use in chemical environments. The scope of application and design parameters of different casters are different. If you are not familiar with the details of purchasing various casters, you can still do your homework.

Three, compare different brands

The design of industrial casters is more difficult, and this type of caster products are also one of the products that are used frequently. It is recommended that buyers give priority to products under the brand, but compare several brands to compare prices. It is also able to better understand the advantages and characteristics of different products, and merchants who purchase in bulk can also suggest a good cooperative relationship with caster brand manufacturers.

Four, consider the driving load of industrial casters

In addition to the above points, there is also an important selection criterion, that is, considering the driving load of industrial casters. Generally speaking, the dynamic load level of casters is one-quarter larger than the important thing to carry. In consideration of safety and stability during driving, it is also very important for the exercise load to meet the requirements, but many friends often overlook this detail when considering selecting industrial casters.

The above are a few techniques for screening industrial casters. Of course, the purchase techniques are far more than these. You can learn more about the relevant details. In addition, the principle of using special casters for special environments should not be forgotten. The service life, etc., all kinds of caster products still need to be able to do regular caster product inspection and maintenance work, I hope everyone can buy suitable caster products.



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