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The medical caster factory briefly describes the method of distinguishing the quality of medical casters

2020-08-11 11:02:58

Medical casters represent the traditional transition from metal to plastic. The main driving force for this change is system economics. The plastic compound material of the wheel includes various resins and filler systems, from talc fillers to glass fibers to carbonized fibers, and then long glass and long carbonized fibers, which can provide increasingly higher strength and actual impact resistance. TPE, especially thermoplastic vulcanizate, can provide the good compression set performance required by wheels. These materials are made of carbon black or other fillers and resins to provide static dissipation protection, thereby improving the surface resistance of the filled polymer.

How to distinguish the quality of medical casters in a factory:

1. Judging from the appearance of the bracket of the medical caster, the surface of the steel bracket of the medical caster is beautiful, without burrs, and the thickness must be uniform to ensure the quality of the load;

2. The support of medical casters is galvanized: in order to prevent rust, the support is generally galvanized, and the galvanization of the medical caster support should be uniform and shiny;

3. Welding of medical caster brackets: the welding of steel plates should be smooth, and there should be no missing welds, leaks, etc.;

4. The size of commonly used medical casters;

5. Check the appearance of medical casters: smooth surface, no bumps, uniform color, no obvious color difference;

6. Check the overall effect of the universal wheel: When the top plate rotates, each steel ball should be able to contact the steel plate turning surface, the force should be uniform, the rotation should be flexible, and there should be no obvious stop.

7. Check the bearing quality of medical casters: there should be no obvious jumping phenomenon when the medical casters rotate.


Any item due to transportation, use, storage and other conditions may produce impact and vibration, which may cause the product to be used for a certain period of time. The device is often susceptible to impact due to its large size and weight. The bottom of the medical caster determines whether the device is placed smoothly. It should also have good impact resistance.

Medical casters should always run stably on the ground, but that is almost a purely theoretical state. When on uneven surfaces, or when crossing thresholds, tracks, and pits, the medical casters will leave the ground briefly. Therefore, when they are suddenly overloaded or when three of the four medical casters touch the ground, they must carry the load of the entire device.

The quality of medical caster products must be guaranteed. First of all, there must be a strict supervision system. The government must play the role of market supervision. The frequency of sampling and testing should be greater to ensure that different batches of medical caster samples can be sampled and detected as unqualified. The product must be resolutely investigated and punished to find the person in charge behind, and severely punished. Secondly, we must rely on the market to play a role and establish a corporate credit scoring system similar to Taobao. This also requires the government to come forward to establish a sound corporate reputation, rely on the market’s own function of survival of the fittest, and eliminate those companies that do not have market reputation. Play the role of market supervision. It is better to rely on the self-consciousness of the enterprise. The quality of the product determines the market share of the enterprise. Entrepreneurs must have a sense of social responsibility and mission to promote the brand made in China to a higher level.

It can be seen that the quality of the medical caster industry still depends on different forces. It is obvious that the enterprise itself cannot solve the problem, but the government depends on the market. After all, the role of the government and the market is quality supervision.



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